【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada BAYUS TV

【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada BAYUS TV

【築硯全球精英薈】 - 標誌您卓越品味的尊榮會員計劃:專享獨家回饋!(點我加入會員)



The Bayus line also includes a beautiful tv stand in Canaletta walnut. The sturdy metal base with brushed brass end-feet, supports the whole structure in solid wood and it is equipped with a central end-feet to guarantee more stability to these refined tv stands. Bayus TV has four compartments, where it is possible to insert the optional drawers with wooden or leather fronts. To ensure the highest level of functionality, each compartment is equipped with a hole for cables.

This modern TV stand fits elegantly into different furnishing solutions, but it plays its best role in combination with other elements of the collection, such as the Bayus 7 wall unit.