【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada GAMEN

【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada GAMEN

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Gamen elegant room dividers bear the signature of designer Tarcisio Colzani. This screen divider consists of two or more curved modules filled with drawn aluminium profiles covered in Canaletta walnut, Porada’s iconic wood. A pewter grey finished metal frame and adjustable fee, complete this modern design. It is possible to create different configurations, thanks to the presence of hinges that join the various panels together. Furthermore, Gamen wooden divider is perfect to divide large open spaces, creating more intimate areas, safeguarding the natural light.

Gamen is characterized by a contemporary design able to furnish any setting, from large living rooms to contemporary bedrooms, but also contract spaces such as the entrances of luxury hotels.