【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada HOOK

【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada HOOK

【築硯全球精英薈】 - 標誌您卓越品味的尊榮會員計劃:專享獨家回饋!(點我加入會員)



Hook is a large wall mirror. characterized by a linear and clear design which embodies the idea of gracefulness and lightness. Its shape reminds of a refined tapestry hanging on the wall; in the upper part, there is a cylindrical support made of solid Canaletta walnut – also available in Moka and Wengé stained finishes, as well as the matt lacquered version in the colours of the collection – which supports the thin surface of the mirror in natural finish. The details, made of black chrome metal, support the entire structure allowing it to be fixed to the wall.

Hook is undoubtedly an eye-catching stylish object. Thanks to its accurate design, it can harmoniously furnish both domestic and contract spaces, such as reception halls of starred restaurants or luxury hotel rooms.