【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada KANTO

【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada KANTO

【築硯全球精英薈】 - 標誌您卓越品味的尊榮會員計劃:專享獨家回饋!(點我加入會員)



An expression of formal essentiality and refined structure pervades the design of Kanto. Kanto is a wooden sideboard characterised by a sophisticated taste and measured proportions.

The thin profiles of the top highlight the perimeter of this living room furniture, made of Canaletta walnut or ash wood. Closed to the hinged doors, there are grooves that create a unique and refined detail.

An elegant matt black die-cast aluminium base supports the entire volume giving a sense of lightness and giving at the same time an industrial style. The modern sideboards Kanto are characterised by a game of balances and proportions softened by rounded corners. This unit harmoniously fit in all modern living rooms of private homes, but also in presidential suites in luxury hotels.