【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada UBIQUA

【JUYAN Luxe會員限定】義大利頂級 porada UBIQUA

【築硯全球精英薈】 - 標誌您卓越品味的尊榮會員計劃:專享獨家回饋!(點我加入會員)



Versatility and adaptability are the distinguishing marks of the Ubiqua system. Ubiqua can be configured as an open bookcase or as a TV stand. Columns and frames – with wall or ceiling fixing – are made of bronze metal and can be reduced in height at will – without exceeding the minimum height of 230 cm.

The TV stand is also available in the version with a self-supporting column equipped with a cable holder system. It is possible to customize the compositions, the various accessories are available in glass – transparent or smoked – and in Canaletta walnut: TV stand plates, shelves, desk shelves, open units, chests of drawers – with fronts in wood or Cuoietto leather – and display cases.

This made the Ubiqua system a perfect fit for different styles of settings.